How to Achieve Business Engagement with Quality

by gibbons.roscoe on December 11, 2013

Top Tips for Business Engagement with QualityQuality Management Systems

Philip Beighton, from CPA Global, has found that senior management are interested most in hearing about the benefits of quality to their specific departments.  He feels that you need to emphasise the positive impact of working together rather than harping on about compliance.  Try to look at your business from a different perspective.  For example, you could start to look at quality as helping to manage risk within the company.  Auditing, root cause analysis, management reviews and data analysis all come within the quality remit.  Once you have a number of findings from this work, you can set about drawing up an action plan to manage any identified risk areas.  Follow that up with monitoring how your  implemented solutions are working.  Finally, review the processes with an eye to improving how it is working.  Philip also feels that you need to be honest, where it is not possible to improve something, be transparent about it.

Based on an article in Quality World, December 2013, p26


ISO9001-consultant hope that this bit size blog will be of interest to those of you trying to introduce quality into your organisation.  If you are looking for assistance in focussing your company’s culture towards the benefits of quality management, why not ask us in to help?

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