Environmental Management

Effective Business Risk Management

September 26, 2016

At the heart of most International Management Systems – Business Risk Management If you get it right, business risk management can make sure that you are complying with legal requirements, managing your processes efficiently and effectively, and ensuring key stakeholder interests are met.  Implementation involves identification and evaluation of key risks, developing and putting into [...]

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Writing Operating Procedures for ISO 14001:2004

October 11, 2013

Writing ISO 14001 Operating Procedures – some thoughts When writing an operating procedure for ISO 14001, or any other standard for that matter, it might be useful to take the following into account.  Choosing the correct terminology is quite important, consider the following words and their meanings: Shall – means “do it every time” Will [...]

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ISO 14001 – looking at the resource issues

September 11, 2013

Resources for implementing ISO 14001 When commencing the implementation of ISO 14001 you will need to decide early on who is going the drive the project forward in your organisation.  This person needs to be someone who is respected by the workforce and has the necessary authority to take and implement decisions.  It would also [...]

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ISO 14001 and the importance of commitment

March 19, 2013

Planning your ISO 14001 project and gaining top level commitment “Unless there is full commitment from the top to the bottom of the organisation, the process of creating and implementing your environmental management system (ISO 14001:2004) and then going forward for assessment will be difficult, or could even fail.  Even if you are ultimately successful, [...]

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ISO 14001 Drives Improvement at Ford

January 22, 2013

Environmental improvement at Ford is driven by ISO 14001 “Ford Motor company has committed itself to making massive cuts in the waste it sends to landfill, as well as the water it uses, across its European production facilities. “The US carmaker says it will significantly increase the proportion of waste recycled and reused, while cutting [...]

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ISO 14001 Posters

October 23, 2012

Use our ISO 14001 Environmental Posters to remind everyone about the Standard Do you find yourself having to remind colleagues about wasting paper, disposal of cleaning products or filling out Transfer Notes?  A visual reminder about ISO 14001 can often speak louder than lots of words, so why not use one of our posters. These [...]

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ISO 14001 Environmental Posters

August 6, 2012

Brighten up your office with our ISO 14001 Environmental Posters! Got that Monday morning feeling?  Weekend seem too short?  It’s supposed to be summer and it’s raining….?  all good reasons to brighten up your day (and workplace!) with one or two of our environmental posters. The posters have been commissioned by ISO9001-consultant from photographer, Barbara [...]

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The Role of ISO 14001

June 6, 2012

Using ISO 14001 for success “ISO 14001 is a major international success story when it comes to voluntary initiatives to improve the environmental performance of public and private sector organisations.  According to ISO’s own figures, over 250,000 organisations in 155 countries around the world are certified to the standard… “An environmental management system (EMS) is [...]

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ISO 14001 Revision

May 8, 2012

ISO 14001 is going to be revised according to BSI “The international environmental management system standard, ISO 14001, will undergo revision in order to update the standard and reflect emerging considerations. “The revised version will be available in 2015 to reinforce its position at the forefront of sustainable corporate concerns, according to BSI.” Quality World, [...]

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Environmental Management Systems and Quality

April 26, 2012

Total Quality Management (TQM) and Environmental Excellence in Manufacturing Recent public policy trends and new consumer demands are redirecting the attention of management outside the traditional focus of customers, suppliers and internal operations.  However, little research has focused on the perspective that operations management and the growing body of literature on total quality management can [...]

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