Monitoring suppliers

Wake up and smell the coffee? – Corporate Social Responsibility

June 26, 2015

UK coffee shops fail ethical scorecard test The social and environmental impact of the UK’s major coffee chains has been ranked poorly in the Ethical Consumer Magazine, who scored 14 coffee chains out of 20.  The magazine measured information on the companies’ environmental policies, tax avoidance and treatment of staff.  Costa, Caffe Nero and Starbucks [...]

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Quality systems can save you money

May 14, 2013

Examples of when quality has been allowed to lapse Let’s look at even just a couple of the most recent incidents that could have been avoided had more attention being paid to quality: BP and Deepwater Horizon – apart from the dreadful loss of 11 lives, the financial cost is around £50bn and continuing to rise.  [...]

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Saying it with Flowers – Quality at Interflora

February 19, 2013

Quality Assurance at Interflora The February edition of Quality World contained an article in tune with this month’s Valentine’s Day theme.  With UK shoppers spending £22m every year on flowers, making sure the supply chain and products meet quality standards is serious business.  Discussing the approach to quality issues at Interflora Sarah Harrison (Supplier Quality [...]

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Auditing your suppliers : supply chain performance

November 29, 2011

What steps can I take to help make the supply chain more efficient and cost-effective? “The three main measures are quality, delivery and price.  Our quality standards all require us to work with or monitor our suppliers, but the way we do this varies greatly. “The way to make the supply chain more efficient and [...]

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